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Foot Reflexology

This therapy will helps you to unblock your body meridian points, improves blood circulations, increases metabolism, detoxify your body, re-energize your body organs and etc.
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Shoulder Massage

This therapy will helps to relieve stiff necks and shoulder muscle strains.
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Foot, Hand and Shoulder

This 3-in-1 therapy targets at key areas of stress using KENKO signature pressure points massage technique. Let your body gained both the benefits of Foot and Shoulder massages.
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Acupressure Head Massage

This therapy will also alleviate headaches, migraines, anxiety, mental stress and restore calmness within you.
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Massage and Spa

Body Massage

This therapy will promote smoother energy flow, relieve tensed muscles and help body to relax physically & mentally.
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IWA Hot Spa

This therapy will helps the body to detox by expelling toxic through sweat glands
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