IWA Hot Spa

IWA Hot Spa​

Body temperature at 35˚ is a perfect environment for cancer cells to grow and multiply. IWA Hot Spa will rise the body temperature to 43˚ where the cancer cells will be eliminated. In addition, it also helps the body to detox by expelling toxic through sweat glands.

Did you know that women with low body temperature will tend to experience negative health effect especially womb area? Besides experiencing irregular menstrual cycles, it may cause menstrual pain, darker blood discharge, blood clots, abdominal pain and more. This treatment will help the ladies to alleviate the above problems.

You could also incorporate IWA Hot Spa into your slimming regime as this treatment will helps you to get rid of excess fluid in your body through sweating process, thus aiding you to achieve better body sculpture. This treatment is suitable for all genders.