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We get it. Most of our working days are spent hunching over our work desk, eyes glued to the computer and fingers working furiously on the keyboard to complete our work. There’s nothing like a good massage that will ease away all your hard day of aches.

In Kenko Wellness, our masseurs are trained extensively before they are officially hired. This means every of our customers experienced our Kenko Wellness massage effectively.

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Our Values

Highly trained team

We have extensive experience and can be proud of 10 000+ successfully completed projects. Hire us for your next project and enjoy the results.

Custom-tailored approach

We are devoted to long-term relationships with customers. We appreciate each client and consider all the demands throughout our cooperation.

Multifunctional programs

We offer a diverse variety of multifunctional programs which include the needed set of features and support services to help you deal with your issue.

Our Journey

The name ‘KENKO’, in Japanese, denotes health, written as 健康 in both the Japanese Kanji / Chinese Han characters.

KENKO Wellness Spa the largest Chain of Foot Reflexology and Spa in Singapore. Founded in 1991 and with over 25 years of experience in the Foot Reflexology and Wellness Spa industry, it has become a signature icon as the best Foot Reflexology and Massage services in Singapore.

Kenko has expanded from a humble concept that circled around health services for the family, to presently a Spa & Wellness chain of more than 20 outlets in Southeast Asia.

Kenko works to enrich the journey of each and every individual customer through total wellness, and aims to achieve the best reflexology and massage services in Singapore. Kenko hopes to inspire and share its expertise and skills in wellness, educate and promote the benefits of foot reflexology and spa treatments to the general public.

While holding firm to its roots in tradition and oriental culture, Kenko is also well-known for its unique style of reflexology and massage techniques.

Awards and Credentials

Woman enjoying foot massage at Kenko Wellness

Career Opportunities

Want to Work With Us?

If you have a passion in helping people achieve good health, along with expertise in the field of massage and wellness, we would like to invite you aboard our team at Kenko!

Franchise Opportunities

If you are looking to build a successful massage business, we can help you

We have 28 years of business experience in the massage industry. Leverage on our system to have a competitive edge in starting a massage business.
Let us know your aspirations and we will be in contact shortly.

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