Kenko Signature Body Massage


Experience the unique Kenko style massage technique. Using just thumbs and fingers, our skillful therapists target on acupuncture points to promote blood and lymphatic circulation without the use of needles.

Kenko Massage :

This is our exclusive deep pressure full body massage that uses different massage strokes to promote smoother flow of energy through the body, inducing a deep sense of relaxation in the mind, body and soul.

Benefits :

– Deeply relieve tensed muscles

– Promote smoother energy flow

– Great physical and mental relaxation

Swedish Massage :

A soft to medium pressure massage that relieves tension and improves circulation. This favourite classic is the choice treatment after sports activities as it shortens the recovery time for muscular strain.

Benefits :

– Deeply relieve tensed muscles

– Promote smoother energy flow

– Great physical and mental relaxation

Foot Reflexology

The feet have many reflex points connected to the energy channels of body organs. Massaging these points restores the natural flow of energy and improves organ functions. A foot massage to relief your stress points.

Shoulder Massage

Stiff necks and shoulder muscle strains are common problems for desk bound office executives and those constantly looking at phones and tablets. To alleviate the aches, our therapists work on the pressure points of the area to improve the flow of blood in the body. You’ll feel your muscles more relaxed and senses revitalized.

Benefits :

– Promote blood and lymphatic circulation

– Relieve tensed muscles

– Reduce physical and mental stress

Acupressure Head Massage

The temples, neck and shoulders are the most easily stressed areas of the body. Gently massaging on the pressure points significantly releases the tension and eases the muscles with no needles required.

Benefits :

– Relieve tensed muscles

– Restore calmness

– Alleviate headaches, migraines, anxiety and mental stress

Foot-Hand-Shoulder Massage

A 3-in-1 massage targeted at key areas of stress using our signature pressure point massage technique.

2-In-1 Acu-Meridian Massage (Partial/Full Body)

Combining the techniques of acupressure meridian therapy and advanced RF and Ultrasonic technology, this 2-in-1 massage not just improves your body functions, but also gives you a slimming and firming effect.

Benefits :

– Skin tightening

– Body shaping

– Promote blood circulation and increase metabolism

Spa Therapy

Fish Spa

Fish Spa

TherapyKenko’s popular ‘Dr. Fish’ Garra Rufa Fish Spa Therapy is a natural exfoliation treatment. These fishes thrive on dead skin cells and are more than happy to gently nibble them away, leaving you with soft, smooth skin. Feel the ticklish sensation run through your body for the first two minutes before a wave of stimulating pulse sets in.


– Natural exfoliation of dead skin cells
– Smoother, healthy glowing skin
– Promote blood circulation
– Micro-massage sensation
– Release stress and tension

Couples Retreat

Couple Massage

Take a day off to spend time as a couple while rejuvenating your body at the same time. A refreshing getaway without leaving the country!





Beauty Treatments


Feel good and look good too!

Complete your indulgence with a classic manicure that includes nail and cuticle trimming, hand massage with a nourishing cream, and of course, flawless nail colour.

A Gift For All Seasons & All Good Reasons

Give the gift of rejuvenation and share Kenko wellness experience with friends and loved ones.

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