Massage away your stress

Stress. It doesn’t matter whether you have a nine to five job, or a more flexible one. Stress is one thing we Singaporeans are constantly under. Some enjoy the stress that comes with work, and if we know how, stress can be a beneficial force in motivating our work. As of such, there are many methods to properly relax ourselves and reduce stress, as an accumulation of too much stress can be harmful to the human body. Yet, the easiest and perhaps most efficient way in doing so, is to get ourselves a good old relaxing massage.

Muscles and lymph

A high stress level can lead to several symptoms of body discomfort. Some of the tell-tale signs that your body is in need of some care and relax are anxiety, constant fatigue, decreased concentration, back or shoulder pain, and migraines. Massage helps alleviate these symptoms by improving blood circulation and stimulating the flow of lymph in our bodies. Tired and overused muscles can be relaxed at a good massage centre. Our lymph is tied to our body’s natural defense system, and very often, our immunity level decreases when we are under stress because of an accumulation of lymph fluids in different parts of the body. It is important for these fluids to be circulated properly throughout the body for good health.

Improve muscle recovery

Massage is not only for those who are tired and overworked. They can also be used for boosting the recovery of soft tissue injuries. For example, Swedish massage is a massage technique known for its exceptional benefit of increasing the oxygen levels in the blood while improving circulation and decreasing muscle toxins. This massage technique is especially beneficial for people who might be recovering from post-surgery swelling and adhesions, and to reduce spasm and cramping. Kenko is one of the massage centres in Singapore that provides this service. Massage is a traditional and safe technique for pregnant ladies as well, and they would need it most with their body aches and foot cramps. Of course, depending on the stage of pregnancy the lady is in, a full-body massage would not be applicable. However, there are other massages such as foot reflexology and shoulders massage that would do wonders for improving the blood circulation for both mom and baby.

Winding down

As there is no doubt that under the hands of a good therapist, we could expect to have all the knots in our body muscles untied. However, a truly relaxing massage session offers more than that. The setting of the massage centre and the surroundings contribute a great deal to our winding down in that few hours of therapy we sign up for. At Kenko, you can be rest assured that everything will be soothing and pampering as you trust yourself to the hands of their professional therapist. Their soothing music, comfy sheets and delightfully scented room are a conducive environment for you to fully unwind and let your body explores it senses.

Massage is pampering, rejuvenating, and therapeutic. However, it is not a luxurious treat. In fact, massage therapy or massage services should be a regular treatment for a proper de-stress session.