Foot reflexology – the ancient key to great health

Foot reflexology has long been tied to the maintaining the wellbeing of our body. Massage and foot reflexology goes hand-in-hand, and very often than not, foot reflexology is the popular choice for people who wants the best effect for relaxing while having the least time for it.

Difference between foot reflexology and massage

Foot reflexology is similar to acupuncture and acupressure, where they are both ‘reflex’ techniques that work with points on one part of the body that would affect other parts of their body. Reflexology theory believes that the areas of the skin is linked to the internal organs, and by stimulating specific points, their corresponding organ can be stimulated as well. However, reflexology is often confused with massage. While massage focuses on the relaxing the muscles through tapping, kneading, friction, or stroking groups of muscles in our body, reflexology uses micromovement techniques that might relax, stimulate, and even cause the person to jolt up awake. Massage therapy believes in working from the outside in as they release tension by manipulating certain muscle groups to release tension. However, reflexology believes in working from the inside out by stimulating the nervous system to release tension and to get the body fluids circulating.

Why foot reflexology might cause people to imagine that the area being massaged is just the foot, it is not the case. There are other areas aside from the sole of the feet being massaged in foot reflexology, and that encompasses the whole leg area. While it is true that the majority of the reflexology focus is on the soles of the feet (as therapists believe that that is the area that has the most nerves connecting to various organs around the body), the reflexology session will extend beyond that to the calves and even the knees of the body. The key purpose of reflexology is to hold at a specific spot on the leg, to stimulate the flow of lymph and blood and to get things flowing properly. By doing so, upon release of the pressure, the muscles and the area that is being affected is thought to have been ‘stimulated’ and tension is being released. Of course, there are many other techniques of reflexology massage, depending on the country of origin. Their reflexology methods will differ slightly in technique and areas to stimulate, but the key concept of their technique is the same.

Kenko – The best foot reflexology in Singapore

Kenko Wellness Spa is the largest chain of foot reflexology and spa in Singapore. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Kenko has become a signature icon in the best foot reflexology and massage service. They pride themselves in their foot reflexology massage, where customers will be sure to have the rest and relax that they came for in the hands of Kenko’s professional therapist, however, they also offer a more comprehensive package for customers who are seeking for a more complete and relaxed massage session. The range of services provided by Kenko is complete and thoughtful in terms of comfort, speed, and price. While services such as full body massage require customers to unclothe themselves for the service, their foot reflexology and shoulder and hand massages does not. These packages are ideal for coming in groups or with friends.