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How to effectively relieve muscular strains caused by exercise?

When we engage in strenuous exercises, we often unconsciously overwork ourselves because we wanted to reach the goal for the day. These will contribute towards our body’s muscular strains which will ache and make us feel uneasy all day long. We would not want such discomfort to affect our daily activities for the rest of the day, and immediate ailments must be sought. Here are a few tips of relieving these body aches caused by exercises, and they are pretty simple solutions too.

1. Take a hot water bath
Do you know that hot water baths are an ancient method of treating various physical and psychological ailments such as injuries, aches, depression and anxiety? Water baths that are slightly higher than our body temperature has the effect of distracting us from our regular thoughts, causing us to focus on the heat and creates the illusion of relaxation. When all of those are happening, your blood circulation is greatly improved, promoting the healing of your muscles from the extra strains from the earlier workout.

2. Perform stretches
When your muscles feel tight and knotted, stretching would help do the trick of triggering the points of self-healing. It is best combined with the hot water bath treatment above as the heat will help soften your connective tissues and enhances the stretching exercises done.

3. Get a massage service
Post workout aches calls for immediate relief measures. Engage in a massage service at Singapore’s best wellness spa Kenko! As much as people are able to massage their own extremities or shoulders, the massage you get at a spa is more satisfying and effective as they are able to hit the spots that you cannot. Getting a massage service in Singapore is the fastest way of relief for sports injuries or muscular strains. A popular treatment choice for this kind of body ailment, massage services are quite sought after in Singapore as it fulfills the fast and efficient lives of busy Singaporeans that has post workout aches.
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Massage services in Singapore

Benefits of massage for the elderly

As the elderly slowly moves into a more sedentary lifestyle due to their old age and weakening of their muscles, they rarely get much stimulation all over their body, which causes various age related diseases, physical and mental ones. A massage service will do good for these elder people in Singapore to help them avoid artificial treatments and lead a better quality of life. Here are some benefits of bringing them for massage services which are now available all over Singapore.

1. Relieves feelings of depression and isolation
The reason for getting a massage service for the elderly in Singapore is not only geared towards improving their physical health, it is also to help them feel loved and cared for through the intimate interactions with the massage therapists. Their feelings are paid attention to in a massage session and it is a one-to-one experience which most of the elderly crave for, a personal connection.

2. Improving sleep
As elderly find it harder to sleep more as they age as the level of melatonin, which is a hormone that regulates the human’s sleep cycle, decreases. Massages for the elder can significantly improve this situation as studies have shown that through regular kneading of different parts of the body, it could stimulate the production of serotonin, which is the hormone that would trigger the secretion of melatonin in our bodies.

3. Enhance overall wellbeing
It should be known by now that massage services in Singapore often promote blood circulation around the body, but do you know that massages can also improve lymph flow and stimulate bowel movements? As people start to age, their vessel and muscle functions starts to deteriorate and would sometimes require extra prompts to get working again. This is the time where external help is required in “reminding” their body to keep on going, which is massaging the points of stimulation around the body.
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Achieve overall health through foot reflexology

Little do we know that our foot is a little map of our whole body’s status of wellbeing. Each section and part of our feet are directly mapped to an organ, a gland or a body part, which can be stimulated through performing foot reflexology to promote health of the corresponding parts of the body. You can get foot reflexology services all over in Singapore, but those who truly care about you would try their best in applying the most apt treatments in healing your ailments. Let us have a look at what are the main organs or body parts that benefit from foot reflexology, which is especially important to those who lead a busy life in Singapore.

1. The head
Reflective points: Tips of the toes
The stimulation from the foot reflexology would have an overall positive effect towards the health of the brain, and at the same time relieve headaches and migraines.

2. Your lower back
Reflective points: Heels
The lower back is constantly exposed to pressure as it is the main support for the whole body frame. When pain occurs, the heels should be the place that can help trigger the sciatic nerve and soothe the discomfort on the back.

3. Stomach
Reflective points: the area between the arch of the feet and the balls of the feet
When you experience any bloating or indigestion, these are signs that indicate problems arising in your digestive system. There are various methods to restore its health, so apart from making adjustments in your diet, foot reflexology is one of them too!

4. Thyroid
Reflective points: The inner part of the balls of feet
Thyroids are important glands of the body that helps control our body’s metabolism. It should be well regulated at all times to prevent thyroid problems from arising. By stimulating these points on our foot, we can improve the functioning of such glands.
Apart from the body parts mentioned above, foot reflexology also tackles problems of the liver, lungs, knees, eyes and many more. You might not have known that there are so many health benefits that comes with foot reflexology did you? At Kenko Singapore, we aim to promote the wellness of mind, body and soul through our therapeutic treatments of foot reflexology. Being one of the outlets in Singapore that provides the best foot reflexology services, we are dedicated in providing you the relaxing and healing experience.

Standing Up For Proper Foot Care

Our foot is one of the most useful parts of our body. Home for more than 7,000 nerves in our body, these are responsible for standing, walking, running, and other activities for work and play. However, despite its many uses, it is one of the body parts that are often taken for granted. That is why it is high time for you to start realizing this body part’s many benefits and start taking care of them. Foot reflexology is one way to ensure that your feet are properly taken care of.

What Really is Foot Reflexology?

Reflexology is the process of using different massage disciplines and techniques of systematically applying and removing pressure on various points of the body. This process yields good effects on the body’s various muscles, organs, and systems. Our foot, is a good access point of our body as it has thousands of nerves and several reflex points on the body. That is why performing reflexology on it is a good way to “access” several organs and systems. While it may not directly help cure certain illnesses, it can certainly do wonders to make one feel better.

What Are The Benefits of Foot Massage

Foot reflexology is said to be a great stress reliever. By relieving tension on your foot’s muscles, it has this positive, relaxing effect that helps take stress away. This could also help remove blockages that helps improve blood circulation, ensuring nutrients are well circulated and absorbed by the body for more energy. A nice foot massage can also help you detoxify and rid yourselves of unwanted toxins in your body. Such therapy also helps you achieve good posture and avoid planar fasciitis or any orthopedic conditions. All of these good effects of foot reflexology helps lighten up one’s mood and wipe depression out.

Relax And Recharge With A Good Foot Massage

After a long and tiring day at work or a strenuous physical activity, it is nice to cool down, get a massage, relax and recharge. Going to one of the many foot massage Singapore shops can certainly help take your stress and tiredness away. This way, you will be able to get yourself recharged and ready for the many challenges of another day. However, not all of the shops are created equal. It would be best if you would only entrust yourself to the people who know that they really are doing, and one that offer many years of experience in the business.

A Comfortable Way To A Healthier You

Everybody wants a happy, healthy, and long life. That is why everybody, in their own little way, are doing their part to achieve just that. There have been a lot of trends that promote healthy living. For example, there are now a slew of healthy food options that are proliferating in the market. For one, there are food for detoxifying and organic food that helps one get the nutrients that they need. There are also a number of new ways to get fit. There are people who do Zumba, new exercises, and yoga, among others. With tons of campaigns to promote healthy living, people are truly realizing the importance of good health and are exerting real effort to achieve just that.

Other Means Of Getting Healthy

However, do you know that more than eating healthy and staying active, there are also other ways to improve your health condition? Reflexology has been graining popularity of late as many reflexology centers and wellness spas are sprouting left and right. But what does reflexology give you and why is it important to get a dose of it for a healthier life?

What is Reflexology?

A combination of various massage techniques and disciplines, reflexology is an all-natural way of addressing illnesses, reduce muscle tension, and promote better health. By strategically applying varying amounts of tension on the different muscle groups or reflex points, a soothing and healing effect may be achieved. While it does not cure any illness, reflexology helps promote better health conditions.

Why Is Reflexology Important?

It Relieves Stress. Its relaxing effects helps address depression and anxiety. Consequently, stress is reduced, helping you have a better, more positive outlook in life.

Increases Energy. By helping improve blood flow, blockages in your body can be removed, helping improve various bodily functions, mood and digestion included. In turn, this helps you feel stronger and more energetic.

Avoid Illnesses. By stimulating better blood flow, you can avoid illnesses that are brought about by poor blood circulation. By getting more blood to flow on various parts and organs of the body, you can ensure the best absorption of nutrition in the body, for better health and improved immune system.

So, by now, you probably understand that the way to complete health is not just through eating healthy, and being active and fit, but also through reflexology. So, it’s time to find the best reflexology Singapore center now and lay down your way to a completely healthy you.

A Holistic Approach For Your Health

“Health is Wealth”. Okay, that is one used and tired cliché. But that doesn’t mean that it is not true or not relevant. Health has been and will always be an important part of your well-being. With a healthy body, you can face any challenges that may come your way. Whether you have a busy day at work or a long day at school, a healthy body can withstand all the challenges that may come your way.

A Wholesome Approach To A Healthy Lifestyle

Your way to health is more than just choosing what food to eat or spending time in the gym. You need to have a holistic approach to fully achieve your goal of being healthy. Another way to be healthy is by going to a wellness spa. But what do you get exactly when you go to spas to get these therapies?

Pampering. When you go to wellness spas, you can choose from and enjoy activities that let you relax and pamper your body. This lets you recover from the tiring day to day activities and get you ready for another mad round of action the next day.

Takes Away Aches and Pains. You can treat yourself to reflexology services that helps relax your muscles, promote better blood flow, and relieve pain. Such can be very beneficial in treating common causes of pain.

Detoxify. By going to a wellness spa, there are baths, massages, body scrubs, acupressure, and other procedures that can help flush your body out of those harmful toxins. This makes you feel livelier, more energetic, and healthier.

Be Fitter and Healthier. More than massages and therapies, you can also enjoy other fitness activities in wellness spas. Activities and classes like hiking, pilates, swimming, circuit training, boxing, tennis, and the likes can help keep you active, fit, and healthy. This helps you become stronger, letting you do more and have enough energy to get going.

Age Well. If you are fit, healthy, free from toxins, relaxed, and pampered, your quality of life will improve letting you age well. A healthy lifestyle could help you feel and look younger than your age.

Being healthy is not just about having enough to eat or eating nutritious food. You also need exercise, and these wellness spa Singapore services to help you become relaxed, refresh, and ready to face life’s daily challenges. Have a holistic approach to health now by, eating healthy, staying fit, and keeping a healthy lifestyle, by taking advantage of the many services of your trusted wellness spa.

Why You Should Get a Massage

Have you ever wondered why massage and reflexology centers have been sprouting left and right? In almost every busy area, there is a massage center serving the communities, and they are there for a good reason. Now, unless you have been living under a rock, it would not make sense if you’re still unaware of the many health benefits of massages, here is a list of health benefits to convince you to try massage services in Singapore.


With the hustle and bustle of the city, you may end up getting tired and drained. Massages can get you recover and get ready for the day ahead. Not only massages are relaxing and rejuvenating, it also helps alleviate muscle tightness and soreness while making you mobile and flexible. Getting massages regularly will keep those energy levels high, enabling you to take on difficult and challenging tasks day in and day out.

Relieve Pain

With the right pressure on the right zones, a good massage can help relieve muscle tension and soreness. This could then help relieve the pain that you are feeling. Regular massages can help loosen up muscles, making them more flexible, therefore, helping avoid muscle pain and injuries. You can also alleviate headaches and even prevent migraines by repeatedly getting regular massages.

Reduce Anxiety and Stress

More than physical wellness, massages can also help in keeping your overall well-being. Massages lower cortisol, which can cause mood disorders. These include depressive disorder, anxiety disorders, psychological stress, trauma, surgery, fear, pain, and more.

Perfect After Work Regimen

Sitting for extended periods of time can cause muscle strain. This could lead to your shoulders to be pulled forward, muscle groups to become weak and overstretched, among others. A good massage can help induce better blood flow, which can rejuvenate those tired, overstretch, pulled, and weak muscles. Overall, more than alleviating pain, this could prove to be a good therapy for you after your work.

It cannot be emphasized enough how regular massages can alleviate pain and help in the treatment of several illnesses, this could also be a great boost for your physical and mental well-being. That is why you should take time to do it and treat your body well. With the right exercise, proper diet, and regular massages you will be able to fend off illnesses, injuries, and just be better and healthier overall.

Pressuring Your Way To Wellness

People often see foot massages as a way to relax and relieve some tension after a series of strenuous activities. There are many said health benefits that foot massages bring, but do you know that your foot can be a great tool to access and help improve the condition of your different body parts?

The Concept of Reflexology

The science of Reflexology believes that the hands and feet has areas or “reflex zones” that directly correspond to organs, parts, and systems of the human body. By pressing on and putting pressure to these points, you relieve stress in the body which can cause positive changes in the body. Furthermore, it is believed that by utilizing these zones, asserting pressure into it and massaging it can help alleviate, even heal, some of the ailments associated with these parts, organs, and systems of the body.

Reflexology – An All Natural Cure To Many Ailments

There have been studies conducted before and is continually being done to check if reflexology, particularly foot massages can help cure many ailments. So far, these studies have yielded many positive results the reflexology brings. There have been clinical trials that proved reflexology can really help people who are suffering from various ailments such as dementia, cancer, diabetes, symptomatic idiopathic detrusor over-activity, premenstrual cycle, multiple sclerosis, and many others. That is why more and more physicians are recommending reflexology to many people so they could get to experience the many benefits these bring.

Reflexology and Wellness

Time and again, Reflexology has been said to be a good wellness regimen that packs a number of health benefits. It helps relieves pain, stimulate the functions of nerves, helps combat depression, increase energy level, helps take care of many sleep disorders, improves blood circulation, aids in injury recovery, helps flush toxins in the body, cleans one excretory tract, prevent migraines, and many others. That is why, reflexology has been a clinically accepted aid in ensuring the wellness of people.

Itching to get a session of foot reflexology in Singapore? Contact us right now for a relaxing and healthy foot massage that you have been looking for.

How Beneficial Are Foot Massages For You?

Massages are always perceived to be good for your body. In fact, various studies have proven that there have been many health benefits that massages bring. So, what do you really get from foot massages and what are the unknown health benefits that these give you?

Good For Some Sexy Time

Generally, massages help relieve tension in your body and aids in relaxation. However, for partners, foot massages can help set the tone for some sexy time. The feet have various erogenous zones that, when touched and massaged right, can set your partner on fire.

Edema-Reducing for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women have a greater tendency to develop Edema, or the swelling of the foot and ankles, especially in the last trimester of pregnancy. With sufficient rest and right diet, foot massages can help to relieve and lessen the symptoms of Edema.

Gets the Blood Pumping

Good blood circulation is key to a healthy body. Exercise and muscle activity helps promote better circulation in your body. However, the muscles in the feet don’t get much exercise. Getting a lot of pressure when standing or wearing tight footwear can impair blood circulation in your lower body. A foot massage helps stimulate our feet, priming it for better blood circulation. Moreover, foot massages can keep your feet healthy, making them strong and injury-proof.

Relieve PMS and Menopause Symptoms

Menstruation or Menopause can get you an emotional roller coaster and pain everywhere. At this very difficult time for women, foot massages prove to be very beneficial. Foot massages can help relieve these symptoms and make your every menstrual cycle more bearable for you.

Relieves Anxiety and Depression

Foot massages, along with other different kinds of massages helps to make you feel better. The relaxing and calming effect of foot massage can make you forget your anxiety or depression bouts.

Tons of Other Health Benefits

Are you experiencing hypertension? Since foot massages can get you relaxed and calm, your blood pressure can go down, helping you feel better. For people suffering from dementia, calming and soothing effect of foot massages can take away the anxiety. As it promotes better blood circulation, foot massages can take away headaches and migraine attacks, even act as a therapy session to alleviate pain because of plantar fasciitis.

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