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The name ‘KENKO’, in Japanese, denotes health, written as 健康 in both the Japanese Kanji / Chinese Han characters.

KENKO Wellness Spa the largest Chain of Foot Reflexology and Spa in Singapore. Founded in 1991 and with over 25 years of experience in the Foot Reflexology and Wellness Spa industry, it has become a signature icon as the best Foot Reflexology and Massage services in Singapore.

Kenko has expanded from a humble concept that circled around health services for the family, to presently a Spa & Wellness chain of more than 20 outlets in Southeast Asia.

Kenko works to enrich the journey of each and every individual customer through total wellness, and aims to achieve the best reflexology and massage services in Singapore. Kenko hopes to inspire and share its expertise and skills in wellness, educate and promote the benefits of foot reflexology and spa treatments to the general public.

While holding firm to its roots in tradition and oriental culture, Kenko is also well-known for its unique style of reflexology and massage techniques.

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  • Hi there I headed to Kenko Reflexology and Fish Spa situated at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) on the 6th of May. A lady worker by the name of Jasmine greeted us then.I would like to give a big thank you for her kindness and service.

    As a teacher from My First School, our company rewarded us with some prepaid Fish Spa service and message session at Kenko. As me and my colleague was at MBS, we decided to drop by the area to try it out. Jasmine told us that the service however wasn’t available at the MBS outlet and even informed us of the reason why and showed us the next nearest outlet.

    We told her that this was our first time here and upon hearing that, she kindly offered us some time to try out the Fish Spa for free. It really was a “ticklish” experience. We really appreciated her service and upon trying it out, we would likely be heading to Kenko once again for the fish spa, as a paying customer. Thank you Jasmine for the experience.


  • A testimonial for Jane Kang.

    Good Morning I understand that Jane has a 20th anniversary coming up with your company, I would like to offer some comments about her. I first met her at your Esplanade Branch about 10 years ago and have been visiting there 2 to 3 times a year. If I could have all of my employees like Jane I would be very, very happy. She is a fantastic ambassador for your company, passionate about Kenko and her work. She glows with health and looks about 25 to 30 years old which is of course a great advertisement for your work in health maintenance. I love having Jane give me reflexology, on my last visit she introduced Yin Fun for a full body massage, she is best massage therapist in the world! When she told me that I need to come each week (fairly difficult from Australia!) I knew that she was right so I bought a package to make sure that I came back, which I did last week for a wonderful 4 days of physical therapy. I feel so welcome at The Esplanade Mall, all of the staff feel like friends they engage with me as a customer so well.  As a devotee of Kenko from Jane’s passionate work for the company any celebration that you plan is very, very well deserved.

    Kind regards,

    Bob Poolman


  • This place is freakin AWESOME!! I got the package that includes the 20 minute fish spa and a 40 minute foot massage. The fish was a first for me and those little suckers will go to town on the dead skin on your feet! It tickles at first but you get used to it after a while. They have small fish and big fish and you can switch back and forth if you want. After the fish spa it was massage time. The foot massage was great. It felt amazing and they even throw in a little leg massaging for a few seconds. I wear boots every day for work so this was definitely a treat for my beat up feet.

    By Jonathan G.

  • I woke up with a kink on the left side of my neck so I headed here to get that sorted out. My masseuse identified what was wrong right away and went to work. This was a corrective massage and not some touchy feely thing at all. During the first 10 minutes I was sure that she was trying to kill me. The intense pressure was almost unbearable and I had to do some breathing exercises to cope, but I knew it was all for a good reason. Fast forward 30 minutes and she returned to the same location with the same technique. I was inwardly cringing expecting some more of the same pain, but there was none. My neck and shoulders had turned into a lump of clay with all the pain removed. Fantastic massage.

    By Carlos V.

  • It was a thrill for my husband and me to be in Southeast Asia as massages and foot reflexology places abound. After lots of walking in Bangkok, Penang, and Singapore, we were very happy to find Kenko. Foot reflexology massages are wonderful as they are very relaxing and therapeutic.
    Going to Kenko adds to that experience. Even though we did not have an appointment, Kenko was able to find reclining chairs for us to wait for our awaited foot massages. The room was lit perfectly and the individual chairs were separated by a cloth screen hanging from the ceiling. Tea was brought to us while we waited for our relaxing thirty minutes.
    It did not take long for someone to attend to our feet’s needs. The people massaging our feet were very methodical and professional. They did not use any oils to manipulate the bottoms of our feet. This was new to us, but the way they massaged our muscles and nerves was perfect. We felt like we were walking on clouds after our massages.
    Our session ended with another cup of tea. There was no pressure to immediately vacate our chairs. Once we were ready to leave, it certainly was easier for us to hit the pavement. Kenko is a great way to get your body back in shape to meet your needs while in Singapore.

    By MagyarNC

  • I do love the foot reflexology at this outlet over at the Esplanade Mall. Located on level 2, it is near the escalator.

    For foot reflexology, the chairs/loungers are placed towards the middle of the spa. Instead of regular armchairs set against the wall, the loungers are placed in a circle. The best thing is you could stretch out flat on the lounger which kinda conforms to your body as it is too firm or stiff. The bad thing is you may feel everyone else in the room is looking at you. Actually if everyone is lying flat, nobody could see anyone else. There is a small table next to the lounger where a cup of warm tea is put there for you.

    Being Kenko, the staffs are typically well trained, so ambience plays an important part in completing the experience.

    By Carolyn L.

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